2016 Summer Lunch Program Wrap-up

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The 5th year of the Summer Lunch Program was a huge success. It started on June 8 and ended on August 19. Throughout the summer, we served 6300 lunches to all the families in the Thomas, Christie and Carpenter neighborhood, as well as a pizza and taco day. We partnered again with the Texas Department of Agriculture to provide the child lunches, and CRUMC provided the adult lunches. 1400 weekend food bags were handed out as well. Our UMM hosted a cookout in August where over 200 hot dogs were served. 125 packs of school supplies were also handed out on the last day. 300+ volunteers served this summer. Some of our volunteers were members of our church-the youth came out on Wednesdays, and some were with other organizations such as Young Men’s Service League (YMSL) and National Honor Societies.  This was another great year for the program. We saw a lot of returning families and even more new ones. Every new family heard about the program in different ways.  One family even joined us for youth week. God has blessed this program in many ways and we thank Custer Road for your prayers, gifts and service.

IMG_1556 IMG_0817 Eating Under the Trees Big Lake Park

Submitted by Tyler Kirkman, Summer Lunch Program Coordinator

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