2020 Summer Lunch Program Wrap-up

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Custer Road completed its 9th year of its Summer Lunch Program August 7 and served over 5600 meals to children and adults over the 10 week program.

Thank you so much for the support of our congregation, Sunday school classes, YMSL Chapters, church staff, Campbell’s Food Services and Kroger. Their support took multiple forms. Every day we had 4-6 volunteers join us at the park helping load and unload and distribute lunches, showing the love of Jesus Christ. We had 4000 cans of V8 juice and 300+Weekend Snack Bags donated. While the program was in a different place-Blue Ridge Park-was grab and go and we did not have our annual pizza party, we were still able to serve those in need. The last week we passed out 80 VBS bags and 150 school supply back packs. 320 slots filled with loving and caring volunteers. Books were passed out to families during the summer and everything was always received with a smile and a thank you.

Given the success and strength of the program we look forward to serving in the future and hope that we can return to our regular program next year. Custer Road’s unwavering support has made this such an effective program and has given it the momentum to continue to grow and increase its engagement with the community.

This year we were so lucky to have the return of our 2019 coordinator and assistant, Elizabeth Greer and Clark Stroup. Both Elizabeth and Clark worked tirelessly every day to load the trailer and coolers, oversee volunteers at the park, distribute meals, provide fellowship to those who walked up and through the car windows, and unload everything at the end of the day.

We thank Cristen Graf for her SLP Administrative Assistance with the Texas Department of Agriculture grant for the child meals and ordering lunches.

A mother drove through one day after her children had been walking up due to her being home recovering from chemotherapy.  She was so grateful and wanted to meet the people who were feeding her children. People asked for prayers for family members and themselves. One couple drove through the last week and made a donation in honor of their adult son who had just passed away and thanked us for doing the program.  Another couple drove through and made a very generous donation to thank us for the program. A teacher from Thomas Elementary served during the summer and cried tears of joy when she saw one of her students!  This scripture is so true for serving our neighbors: “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so, some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2

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