2022 Plano Homeless Census

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The census will take place on the night of Thursday, February 24, 2022—rain or shine. The census consists of teams of volunteers who survey and count unsheltered homeless persons in Plano, as well as donate care packages to distribute during the census. Custer Road will have 3 teams. Contact Stephanie Mills at smills@crumc.org to serve on a CRUMC team.

How it works:  Goto training on the night of Thursday, February 24. Training will start at 8:00 PM. Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to sign in, complete the waiver/release form and find your team members. After the training, you will be given a map with an area of the city to visit and search for people experiencing homelessness. You document your findings and return to City Hall by midnight. You go home, go to sleep, are very tired the next day but satisfied you participated in a project that will help the homeless and the community. It’s a volunteer experience you’ll always remember!

Please be dressed to walk in the evening weather. Sometimes it rains or ices, and we still go out to search for people. While some groups may not get out of their cars depending on the area they are assigned, many will. Please wear comfortable walking shoes and appropriate outer attire.

Will a police officer be on my team? Most teams will have a police officer assigned to accompany them, but several teams may not. Those who do not will have an officer they can contact if necessary. Teams without an officer search areas where a homeless individual has never been found on the night of the Count. At this time, we do not have information on which team numbers will have officers and which will not.

How do I know which area of Plano I will be searching? You will be assigned your area on the night of census when you arrive to training. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests to search specific areas of the City.

Can kids help with the homeless census? Yes and no. Yes, we need some pre-count assistance! Youth groups that wish to put together care packages would be greatly appreciated. To participate in an actual count team, anyone under 18 needs to be accompanied by a parent if they participate in the count. It is not appropriate for teens under the age of 16 (plus it is a school night and your group will be out late). Plano police will accompany many groups and be on call for others, but this is generally a more appropriate activity for adults.

What is the purpose of the census? The count gives us valuable information about the state of homelessness in our community. This information is provided to HUD, who uses it when making decisions on how much funding to allocate to different areas to provide homeless services. This information is also used to compile the Collin County Homeless Count report, which is used to drive local decision-making with area non-profits and local government. Persons identified on the night of the Count are offered a follow-up visit, where they will be visited and offered case management and services based on their unique situation.

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