A New Logo

In the past year, we have seen a realigning of values and mission of the church. In light of this, we have created a new logo that will provide us with a stronger visual identity that reflects both who we are historically while giving us an iconic mark that will be more useful in different settings.

The graphic in the logo is designed to look like a map marker.

Being Custer Road UMC, it keeps the idea of being “on the road”, so to speak. It alludes to both a place (“You are here”) as well as a destination. The allusion is physical as well as spiritual. Custer Road UMC is your starting place on your journey to Christ-likeness, and you are invited to join us on the road.

Within the map marker is a circle with a cross in the middle of it.

This reflects our Christian faith, and also echoes the circular stained glass window which surrounds the cross so prominently at the front of our Sanctuary. It grounds us and roots us in our historical and faith identity.

The colors used are warm earth tones.

This color palette is chosen to reflect warmth and genuineness, and shows that we desire to be a place of authenticity, conversation, and friendship.

The church name is presented in a confident sans-serif font.

This font is more modern and will be readable even at smaller sizes and on phone screens.