Custer Road Youth Ministry Philosophy

Custer Road Youth Ministries in on the forefront of contemporary thinking about the model and practice of Youth Ministry in the United Methodist Church.

In 2012, we implemented a model of Youth Ministry that is called Holistic Youth Ministry. The definition of holistic is that which is unrecognizable as separate parts, but when brought together, they make sense.

The idea behind Holistic Youth Ministries that each program or event that we do has an intentional forces in one of the four major areas: worship, learning, community, and service. This of course does not mean that there is not some overlap of multiple areas in some programmatic events, but is really a tool for our ministry program and for youth and parents to evaluate their own spiritual development.

Each of the areas of Holistic Youth Ministry has a designated space and time on our weekly schedule.
Primary opportunities for learning occur on Sunday mornings at 9:45am during Sunday School and at 11am during Pilgrimage.
Primary opportunities for community occur on Sunday evenings during our middle school Community Groups and our high school Life Groups.
Students are invited to attend Sunday morning services in our Sanctuary at 8:30 and 11am and in The Venue at 9:45am for a modern worship experience. We also have a worship service designed with youth in mind each Sunday evening at 5pm in the Upper Room.
We are aware that there are many opportunities for service outside of the local church. We believe that youth should engage in service opportunities that are relational and ongoing. Therefore, in addition to the large number of service opportunities available through school and other organizations, we offer targeted services for opportunities.

Because all four components are vital for creating disciples of Jesus Christ, we would encourage all youth to engage in all areas of holistic youth ministry.

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