Adopt a C.R.U.M.Y. 2020 Senior

COVID-19 has changed the world. Sheltering in place, schooling at home, and social distancing have changed how we live our day-to-day lives. And even though we’re all having to adjust to this new way of living, this pandemic has presented several challenges for our beloved graduating 2020 Custer Road Youth Seniors. They are missing out on some of life’s milestones. And while we can’t change the circumstances of the pandemic, we would like to give them something to be excited about! We want to show them how much God and the Custer Road United Methodist Church family loves them.

What does it mean to “Adopt a 2020 C.R.U.M.Y. Senior?:
When you “adopt a senior” you are committing to bring joy to that senior for the several weeks. Each week, the Senior Sponsor will send/drop-off something special (cards, gift basket, 2020 memorabilia, gift cards, treats, etc.) for their adopted C.R.U.M.Y. Senior. We envision this to be done on a weekly basis, now through the first week of June – and then perhaps something special on their graduation date. (If you aren’t sure you can participate weekly, please consider joining efforts with another family/couple/individual.)

How can I sign my 2020 Senior up to be adopted?:
In order to participate in the “Adopt a C.R.U.M.Y. 2020 Senior Program” the student must be currently attending Custer Road United Methodist Church and participate in Custer Road Youth events/activities/programs. While we know there are several seniors in our community, we want this program to focus on our C.R.U.M.Y. Seniors. If you have a C.R.U.M.Y. Senior that you would like to have share in this joy, please click on the button below to sign them up.

Questions or Need More Information?... Just contact Ruth Boyd!

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