Alternative Gift Market Results

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Dear Church Family, 
I just want to extend a personal thank you for your generous purchases at our Alternative Gift Market. We raised more than $33,000 this year including almost $4,000 for the clean water well Jennifer and I will be digging alongside other Custer Road members in Nicaragua in September of 2016. Your purchases at our AGM make a difference in the lives of countless people so thank you for directing some of your Christmas dollars to purchase gifts that mean more! 
This week we will continue our sermon series, “The Gift” talking about the gift of gold. I’ll be reflecting on the symbolism and value of the gifts and asking what we can offer Christ the King in this coming year, whether it be through our time, our talents or our treasure. 
I hope you’ll make plans to bring all your family and friends to our Christmas Eve Candlelight services. We have a special children’s service at 5 p.m. and services at 6:30, 8, 9:30 and Communion will be served at the 11 p.m. service. We will have more visitors that night than any other service of the year, so if you are physically able, please park at either of the remote parking lots to free up the spaces near the church for visitors. We also want our guests to be greeted with a warm, Custer Road welcome so if you can serve on our hospitality team, even for just a single service, sign-up here. 
I look forward to seeing you throughout this special Christmas time, 

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