April Preschool Sunday School Overview

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This month our Preschoolers will be learning all about loving God and loving our neighbors!  We pray that through our studies this month our Custer Road kids will learn that by loving others we are in turn loving God and sharing His love with others!  Each week we will focus on a different story in the Bible and throughout our lessons we will reinforce our bottom line.  Practice it at home by asking your child, “Who can you love?”  Hopefully you will hear an enthusiastic response of, “I can love God and love people!”  We will also be working on a new monthly Bible verse.  Check out the video below to practice together at home.

We can’t wait to share this month’s Biblical truths with your children, but we can’t do our job without your help!  We hope that you will use the resources below to continue the conversation at home!

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We are praying for your family as you spend time learning together how to share God’s love with our neighbors!

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