Head Start Sweat Suit Collection

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There are 146 students currently enrolled in PISD’s Head Start program, a federally-funded program for students three to five years old, whose parents meet low-income guidelines.  Head Start is a well-rounded effort to see that only will the child’s immediate needs be met, but that the entire family can become self-sufficient and help their child be successful in school.  Our

Salvation Army Food Box Assembly/Spring Creek Village Distribution

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We will be assembling and distributing nutritious food boxes to our neighbors at the Spring Creek Village Community on Tuesday, October 19.

Assembly of the boxes will be from 9-10:00 am at the Salvation Army at 3528 14th St, Plano, TX 75074.

Distribution-Meet at Spring Creek Village at 10:30 am to distribute food boxes to families in the community. Please

Family Promise October Rotation

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Help our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness!

Our next Family Promise rotation is October 3-10, 2021, but due to Covid-19, families in the program will not be staying at our church.  Family Promise has made arrangements for the families in the program to stay at 2 different offsite locations. There are 2 families currently in the program with