Bed Start Pillow Project

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We now enter YEAR THREE of the Pillow Project! Thank you to everyone who has donated pillows to this incredible mission! Our goal this year is to provide pillows for 52 consecutive weeks to Bed Start. Here’s how you can help…We are looking for individuals or Sunday School classes to commit to providing pillows for Bed Start for one week out of the year. (The mission can use approximately 30 pillows per week. We have been getting pillows from Target for $4.04 each. This works out to about $120 per week.)

Click here to sign up to help with the Pillow Project.

If you would like to commit to a week or two, buy and deliver the pillows as a family or class, that would be ideal. Please buy 30 pillows for your week and deliver them to the Bed Start Trailer in the East Parking Lot between 7:30-8am on your selected Saturday.

Please contact Jennifer Cain directly via email at with any regarding pillows that you may have. You are not limited to buying only the pillows from Target that we have been buying. However, we chose that pillow because of it’s quality, it’s low price and the fact that it is individually wrapped. It is also possible to order them online and pick them up in the store. When you do this, they are boxed, which makes it a little easier. If you choose to order them online from Target, you may do so by clicking here. Make sure you change the pickup location to the Target in your area.

CRUMC Tax exempt forms can be acquired from the CRUMC Church office or by emailing Stephanie Mills for one at

We will also gladly accept gift cards to help with this project as well.

As always, Bed Start welcomes families, Sunday School classes, and all interested groups to volunteer their time on Saturday mornings, giving families a hand up, not a hand out.

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