Bed Start Pillow Project

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We are looking for individuals or Sunday School classes/small groups to commit to providing pillows for Bed Start for one week out of the year. Approximately 30 pillows per week are needed.

Quality pillows are available from Target for $4 each. This works out to about $120 per week. If you would like to commit to a week or two, buy and deliver the pillows as a family or class, that would be ideal. If you purchase the pillows, please bring them to the Bed Start Shed in the parking lot ACROSS the street from the church-please DO NOT leave them in the donation area as we do not have the space! Saturday mornings, 8am-Noon are the best time to drop off, or contact Doug Nickols at .

Click here to sign your small group or Sunday school class up for a week to provide pillows.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Cain via email at
As always, Bed Start welcomes families and Sunday School classes to volunteer their time on Saturday mornings, giving families a hand up, not a hand out.

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