Bed Start-Story of 3 Boys

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July 2017

Submitted by “Bedhead” Janice Flores.

Last Saturday was an especially wondrous display of God’s hand in all we do. It began with a wonderful crew of volunteers (Several YMSL moms and sons, and even a dad who joined in for the ‘fun’).

We had made one of our first deliveries to a single mom and her son Robert (about 5th grade age) living in Southwest Plano ISD, and when we were finished setting up beds and bringing in a sofa for her empty home, she asked if we’d been able to get a chest/dresser for her son. Unfortunately the answer that morning was ‘no’ since those are often the last pieces of furniture that get donated.

Our next delivery was just 5 minutes away to a large refugee family, also with a young son, Arvin. The little boy was bright and helpful as he told us he was excited but nervous to start school (in the 5th grade), because “I’m not from America”… As we were finishing hauling the beds and other furniture to their 3rd floor (small) apartment, the dad looked at the last piece in the trailer… a chest of drawers with hutch with sports themed knobs on the drawers and doors and special sports hooks to hang clothes inside, and said “I don’t think we have room for that”… One of our wonderful YMSL moms immediately made the connection back to Robert…So we told Arvin that another little boy about his age needed a chest for his clothes and Arvin and his family were happy to pass it on.  As we were leaving, Arvin said to one of the volunteers “I love America!” We made the run back to Robert’s house and he and his mom were beyond thrilled with the chest.

But this story is about 3 boys…

The third was a very quiet and kind young man who had served with us before and was always quick to step in and help with anything and everything. As we pulled back into the lot (after running a bit late getting to all our pick-ups), his mom asked quietly if they could go on rather than doing any further loading or unloading, as he was in some pain but didn’t want to say anything. It turns out this young man had had his wisdom teeth out earlier in the week, and didn’t want anyone to know…but he still wanted to serve.

God’s hand was definitely at work with these two families from two completely different worlds, and with the young man who clearly understands what it is to be ‘the hands and feet’ in his very selfless service to these Bed Start families.

Join us EVERY Saturday morning (meet in the parking lot across the street from the church at 7:45am) or Wednesday evenings (contact Director Doug Nickols at for location to meet-either in the parking lot across the street or the Plano drop off location).

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