Best Day Ever- Holy Week 2020

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This year for Holy Week, we are providing daily Scriptures, a photo scavenger hunt, and simple activity for you to read with your family to help you connect with God and each other.  You can read all about it here.


As a family, read Mark 16:1-7- the story of the best day ever! Questions you may want to ask your family:
-How would you have felt if you were the first one to find the empty tomb? What would you do?
-How do you think people felt when they knew Jesus had risen?
-How do you share the story of Jesus’ resurrection?
CLICK HERE to watch Ms. Wendy read the story of The Empty Tomb
CLICK HERE to watch a Preschool Telling of the Easter Story
CLICK HERE to watch The Mystery of Easter- for all ages!
Today’s Scavenger Hunt is for something empty! Maybe an empty Easter Egg? An empty Resurrection Roll? Get creative! Once you spot something empty, take a fun family selfie and post a picture in the comments of the Best Day Ever thread on our Facebook page or email to and we’ll post for you! Or- just post a selfie of your family celebrating Jesus today!
Celebrate Jesus with your family! Pick an activity from the ones linked below, like a Resurrection Egg Hunt or Resurrection Rolls. OR- just enjoy spending time together celebrating- thanking God for the gift of Jesus and your many blessings!
  • We can’t wait to worship with you on Easter morning! Our 9:45 modern and 11:00 traditional services will be on Facebook or at We will also have a Sonrise Service at 7:00 on our Facebook page only.

CLICK HERE and HERE for some Resurrection Scavenger Hunts and CLICK HERE for a Resurrection Roll Recipe!

We understand that the demands of quarantine may mean that you can’t wrap your brain around doing anything else. And that’s ok! But if you are looking for some additional activities, we’ve pinned some of our favorites HERE. The one our family is really looking forward to is making Resurrection Rolls, but there are lots of fun options 🙂

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