Bibles for CR Kids

At Custer Road, we believe that reading and studying the Bible is central to growing in our faith as Christians. That's why we present Bibles to our new Kindergarten class, our third grade students, and our preschool friends.


  • CR Baby Bibles

    Each time a new baby comes to Custer Road, we want to start their journey off right by providing them a storybook Bible, perfect for very young children.

  • Kindergarten Bibles

    At the end of summer, we have a wonderful tradition where our outgoing seniors for the previous school year present a Bible to each of our new incoming Kindergartners. This takes place during our 11am worship service in our Sanctuary on Youth Sunday. The Bible the kindergartners receive is a story Bible geared towards their age group.

  • Third Grade Bibles

    In the fall semester, our third grade students are presented with a third grade bible during our worship service. These Bibles are more traditional and are appropriate for the third grade reading level to help the students learn more about their faith as they continue their faith journey. They are all given a very precious gift of God’s word through our third grade Bible program.

  • Bible Donations

    At Custer Road, we offer the opportunity for our Custer Road Family to participate in the presentation of the Bibles through gifting a donation towards the purchase of a Bible/Bibles. If you would like to help continue our Bible traditions, click on the button below and make a donation today. Select “Other” from the drop-down menu and then type Kindergarten Bibles or Third Grade Bibles in the description line to indicate where you would like your donation to be applied. Bibles are $20 each. Thank you!

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Coordinator of Children's Ministry