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Thinking of joining choir? Read these “Choir FAQ’s”

1. I want to come to choir rehearsal but I don’t have anyone to watch my children.
Childcare is provided for choir rehearsal from nursery through 5th grade at the church. Many choir member children have found new friendship from other kids who are here on Wednesday evenings and whether they come to play, relax or do a little homework there is a place for them. Just call Heather Hammer at 972.618.3450 ext. 238 to make your childcare reservation in advance.
2. I don’t want to keep my kids up too late on a school night.
Not a problem! Tim warms up on hymns and then rehearses the upcoming Sunday’s anthem second on the list. He changes up the order of anthems in rehearsal from week to week which allows you to rehearse them all even if you need to leave at 8:30 to get your kids home for bed.
3. I travel during the week for work and will miss some rehearsals. Will I know the anthem for Sunday?
We always rehearse an anthem several weeks before we sing it in worship. So even if you miss a rehearsal or so you will still know it well enough to sing on Sunday a.m. Don’t worry about being gone; very few choir members are there every single week of the year!
4. Everyone seems to be such a good singer! Will I fit in if I just like to sing in the shower?
Absolutely! You have passed the first test in that you like to make a joyful noise! We each have a gift of music to share and it is when we sing as one that we make beautiful music together. You will find that you receive much more than you give and that your musical talent will increase as you use it and it will continue to grow each and every week.
PLUS! You will have an opportunity to sing at the Meyerson Symphony Center this fall! We are joining several other choirs to participate in a Music Festival conducted by Bob Chilcott. Now, that name may not mean anything to you, but he is a renowned conductor from England and this is a very unique opportunity for the choir. The concert is Sunday, Nov. 6 and we will sell tickets to the congregation.
Come rejoice in the Lord and sing with the Chancel Choir this fall! Choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 7:15 to 8:45 p.m. in Room B40 on the north end of the basement and our first rehearsal is Wednesday, Sept. 7. Come and sing! For questions or encouragement contact Joy at or (972) 618-3450 ext. 266.

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