Custer Road United Methodist Church has embarked on a journey to become a relational engaging church. These relationships will be both internal, within our church, and external as we partner with our community. This year our main focus will be building relationships outside of the church. Engaging in relationships with our neighbors is essential to what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. The engaging church is not about the people that join you in worship every Sunday. Rather, it is about being missional, building relationships, and engaging in community through our new multi-platform approach. Even when Custer Road UMC is beginning to reopen, the reality is that not all people will be able to return. For this reason, we want everyone to be engaged through our onsite, online, and offsite platforms.

Ready to get involved?

This provides an opportunity to join educational and missional activities which will help the member to develop relational engagement through any of the three platforms (onsite, online, offsite).

For educational activities: 1) Onsite refers to church building; 2) Online refers to online avenues; and 3) Offsite refers to involvement from home through a non-online alternative.

For missional activities: 1) Onsite refers to ministry in a particular physical site in the mission field; 2) Online refers to ministry through online avenues; and 3) Offsite refers to ministry involvement from home.

Follow the next two simple steps to join the community! Approx. Time 13 mins.

STEP 1: Click below to read and understand the opportunities available.

STEP 2: We invite you to select at least one activity from the educational and one from the missional activities that fits your interest. Before selecting make sure you have read step 1, select now the activities you hope to engage with and the platform that works best for you.

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