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Children are love, valued, treasured, adored, celebrated… let’s see, how else can we say it? We love kids at Custer Road UMC! And this blog is the space where you can find out the latest going on with our children’s ministry. We hope you’ll check in often!

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  • Palm Sunday is coming!

    Those of you who have experienced Holy Week at Custer Road know that Palm Sunday is a special day for our church! Typically at our services we have the children parade through the worship space waving palm branches while the congregation sings. It is one of my favorite days of the whole year and I’d be lying to you if I told you I wasn’t grieving missing out on this tradition this year. But God is good and we’ve been dreaming up a way to have a virtual parade! Here is what we need you to do:
    1. Pick a palm branch from the options below! You can craft one, print one, or go into your yard and pick a branch from your tree ūüôā No times for craft or leaf picking? Find a bandanna, a piece of fabric…get creative!
    2. Take a picture or video of your kids waving their palm branches!
    3. CLICK HERE to add your picture or video to our Google Drive by FRIDAY MORNING.
    4. Tune in on Sunday morning to our¬†Facebook Page¬†or¬†website to see your smiling face on the live stream! We’ll use the pictures you provide to put together the most epic virtual palm parade there ever was!!

    Click the image above to print and color in or paint your own Palm Branch!


    Not in the mood to craft? You can print this palm branch as is by clicking the image above! You could even pull this up on your phone or tablet if you don’t have access to a printer!

    Click the picture for instructions to make a hand print palm branch! No paint? You could use green construction paper! No green paper? White paper, notebook paper, whatever paper you have will work!


    This one is super simple. Click the picture for instructions. If you don’t have popsicle sticks you could use a straw, a pencil, a wooden spoon…use your imagination!¬† Or- just wave the paper on it’s own!

    However your family would like to represent a palm branch is great!  Real leaves from outside, a scarf from your closet- it all works!  Whatever you use, be sure you post your pictures and videos HERE by Friday morning so that you can be included in our parade! 

  • Worship With Us Wednesday

    It’s Worship With Us Wednesday and we LOVE when God speaks in a new way through a song we sing most Sundays- we think the words may resonate with you differently today, too. Take a moment to worship together and be encouraged- you belong to God and He will never let you go!!

    I can’t help but feel a little down
    A little worried when I look around
    That’s why my hope is in, my hope is in the Lord!
    My hope is in the Lord
    I belong to Him
    He will never let me go
    And if you need an excuse to get everyone up and moving, you won’t want to miss God Made Me Shine!¬† Our preschoolers LOVE to dance and giggle to this one and it includes a great reminder that God made us, God loves us, and Jesus wants to be our friend forever!
    I’m certain that the sound of your kids worshiping is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world!¬† Soak in that blessing today, friends!

  • Sunday School at Home!

    We sure do miss worshiping with you in person, but we are so blessed with the opportunity to still be connected!  We hope that you will use the resources below to create your very own Sunday School experience at home!

    This week our Elementary aged students conclude the series Revealed with a lesson on Forgiveness.  CLICK HERE to watch the teaching video, worship with us, and hear from Ms. Veronica!  Then you can use the image below to continue the conversation as a family! (Clicking on the document will take you to the PDF with live links!)

    Our Preschoolers will be finishing up their series- Follow the Leader.¬† We’ve been learning all month what it looks like to follow Jesus!¬† CLICK HERE to worship with us, watch the teaching video, and hear from Ms. Wendy- and Ollie!¬† Then, you can use the document below to extend your learning at home!

    Have you been worshiping with us online at 9:45 and 11:00?¬† Even if you can’t join us live, you can always access the service through our Facebook Feed or at¬† You can also view this week’s Children’s Sermon here.

    We are praying for your family as we head into another week of physically distancing, but take heart in knowing that we are all connected by our good, good God who is always with us!  Have a great week!

  • Scientific Saturday with Ms. Wendy- What Lies Beneath?


    Happy Saturday, CR Kids! It’s Scientific Saturday and we have a fun activity for you to work on today or save for the upcoming week!
    Can you find a rainbow in a black marker? Join Ms. Wendy for an experiment that will remind us that God looks at our hearts rather than our outward appearance!  The only supplies you will need are a coffee filter, a black marker, and some water!  Check it out HERE!

  • Fun Friday March 27th- Spread Some Sunshine!!

    Happy Friday to our Custer Road Kids!
    For today’s Fun Friday activity we hope you’ll take advantage of the beautiful weather and spread some sunshine in your neighborhood!
    How have you been sharing God’s love and hope with your neighbors?
    With so many more family’s out enjoying walks and time outside, you have the perfect opportunity to use your home as a way to spread love in your neighborhood and encourage your neighbors! Maybe you’d like to create a beautiful masterpiece or encouraging message with chalk, or maybe you’d like to put signs or decorations on your front door in your window, or maybe you’ve got some awesome yard decorations you could put out.¬†Whatever it is you are doing to spread joy in your neighborhood we want to see it!¬†Check out some inspiration below and then head over to our¬†Facebook¬†page to share some of your own pictures!
    Want to spread some more sunshine! Not all of our Custer Road church members have neighbors or family that are able to visit them right now.¬†If your family would be interested in mailing cards or artwork to some of our home-bound members, please email¬†Heather.¬†What a great opportunity to be the church even when we can’t be together!
    Your family is a blessing and so loved! Keep shining bright- it makes a difference!

  • Scientific Saturday- Wash Your Hands!

    Happy Saturday, Custer Road! Saturday has always been a great day to connect as a family after a long week, and we pray that during our time of social distancing this still rings true! Play a game, cook a meal, build a tower, read a book- or maybe even do an easy science experiment to get you ready for Pastor Kory’s sermon! Tomorrow Pastor Kory will be reminding us how important it is to not only have clean hands, but clean hearts too! And don’t forget to join us tomorrow morning for¬†online worship¬†at 9:45 or 11:00!


    Activity Instructions: (You can hop on over to the Fantastic Fun and Learning blog for the full instructions.)
    -Gather your supplies: a bowl of water, black pepper, and dish soap. Talk about what your kids know about soap and why we use it.
    -Tell them that you are going to learn about how soap makes germs scatter, and ask them to sprinkle some pepper into the bowl. (Don’t add too much for the demonstration will not work as well.) Observe what the pepper does. Does it float or sink? It floats on the top of the water like germs stay on the surface of our skin.
    -Cover one finger in dish soap.
    -Now for the big moment! And it’s a fast one, so make sure everyone is watching. Stick the finger that is covered in soap into the water in the center of the bowl. And POOF! Those “germs” scatter to the edge of the bowl. It’s quick, but powerful and kids remember that moment. Afterward, you can talk about how “germs” are afraid of soap and what you can learn from this demonstration!
    -Inquisitive little scientists might want to know exactly why this happens since the pepper isn’t really “germs.” The demonstration has more to do with the soap and water. The pepper just allows us to actually see what is happening. When soap is added to the water it lowers the surface tension of the water causing the water molecules on the surface to “scatter” or pull away from the point where you added the soap.

  • Fun Friday!

    We made it to Friday! And while our Friday celebrations and our weekend plans look significantly different this week, I hope you’ll still give yourself a big high five. We can do this!!! Today we’ve got a fun craft idea to help your kids look for the rainbows among the clouds! (Our family missed seeing the actual rainbow yesterday, so we can’t wait to make our own!)

    Activity Instructions:
    -Gather whatever craft supplies you have. For the pictured example you’ll need paper, markers, yarn or string, scissors, and tape. But adapt as needed with the supplies you have!!
    -First cut out a cloud and pick a Bible verse to write on it. You’ll see 2 Timothy 1:7 on the example, but feel free to pick your favorite!
    -Next cut out several hearts. If you have rainbow colored paper- awesome! If not, you could use different colored markers or crayons to get the rainbow effect!
    -On these hearts you will list everything you are thankful for! What a fun opportunity to remind each other that even when things are not going the way we planned, we are so incredibly blessed! Be sure to name them out loud and brainstorm together!
    -Finally, attach the hearts to the string and the string to your cloud using tape. Find a place to display that will be a daily reminder of how blessed you are and how good our God is!!
    -Even if your family doesn’t like to craft, you can still participate in this fun activity. You could use a dry erase marker to write things you are thankful for on the mirrors, for older kids you could text each other things your are thankful for throughout the day, or you could simply start a family list. However you do it- don’t forget to take a moment to thank God today for His many blessings!

  • Thankful Thursday


    At the beginning of Lent, I challenged all of our kids to take some time each day to be quiet with God.¬† At the time it was meant to contrast the hectic pace of our busy lives and remind us to focus on God in the midst of chaos.¬† Little did we know, just a few weeks later, we’d find our pace slowed, our lives less hectic, but our need for time with God even more pressing.¬† Each child took home a kit to use with their family to set the stage for a sacred moment- a candle and a card with Scripture to read.¬† If you have yours- grab it now!¬† If not, you can share with me.¬† View the video HERE so that we can all share in quiet moment together.

    Friends, you are so loved.¬† By your children’s ministry team and by an unstoppable God who is with you right now.¬† Be blessed!



  • Worship With Us Wednesday

    We’ve got two great worship tracks for you today!¬† In the midst of chaos, what better way to focus our hearts than to worship together!¬† Have a worship dance party with one of our preschooler’s favorite songs, I’ve Got a Friend!¬† Then, take a minute to quiet down with Reckless Love.¬† Not only does it go along with our lesson for this week, (pay attention to the lyrics: “Oh, it chases me down, fights ’til I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine”? Sound familiar? If not, go back and re-read our Scripture from Sunday: Luke 15:4-7) but it is also a beautiful reminder that God is with you and absolutely nothing- not corona virus, or quarantine, or e-learning, can keep Him from getting to us!

  • Tell Me a Story Tuesday with Ms. Wendy!


    We are so excited for our first Tell Me a Story Tuesday!¬† Join our Coordinator of Children’s Ministry, Ms. Wendy, as she reads us one of her favorite books- The Pirates Who (Usually) Don’t Do Anything!¬† We hope that your family enjoys this story as much as we do.¬† You might even be inspired to play a family game of Go Fish when you are done watching!¬† Check it out here! Happy Tuesday, friends. We are praying for you and thinking about you all today!



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