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Missions of Custer Road UMC follows Jesus’ command to love God and neighbor by coming together in collaboration with our community, intentionally building trusted relationships and growing as brothers and sisters in Christ.
We hope that this page INFORMS, INSPIRES AND ENGAGES you in Custer Road’s Mission Ministry.

Mission is one of Custer Road UMC’s 5 Pillars. We invest finance, time, and labor to helping people know the love of Jesus, both in our neighborhoods and around the world. To learn more about our missions programs, visit our Missions page.

This blog will be updated often, and will contain the most current information about our missions activities. The most recent post is below, and further down is an archive with earlier posts.

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  • Micah Mexico Mission Trip


    Micah Young Adult Trip

    July 7-10, 2022

    Cost $300 covers flight, room/board and local transportation

    Flight: TBD

    Registration deadline: June 24, 2022


    • We are excited for CRUMC to partner with Operación Abrigo, led by Rev. Jose Luis Portillo in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, to build a concrete block home for a family who is currently living in a home which is made of shipping pallets and cardboard.


    • We will fly to El Paso, TX where we will be met by Rev. Jose Luis or his partners. They will drive us across the border to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (about 30 min. drive).


    • We will stay in dorms within a locked complex. Employees of Operación Abrigo will provide three meals a day for us in the dining hall. Dorms have bunk beds, bottled drinking water, and running water for showers and flushing toilets. (Teeth brushing should be done with bottled water)


    • Staff of Operatión Abrigo will drive us to the building site where we will work alongside maestros (skilled home builders) to construct a 15-foot by 20-foot concrete block home with a concrete floor, tar paper roof, glass windows and a locking door. The family will work with us, and we will have the opportunity to get to know them. We can expect to work on the home for 2.5-3 days. We will participate in a home dedication with the family.


    • We are blessed to partner with Love and Literacy, a reading program founded by Marion Surles. We will spend a couple of hours in the community reading, crafting and playing with the children.


    • Cost Breakdown:

    Home building supplies $3,600

    Food and lodging $35/person each day

    Transportation from El Paso airport and in Mexico $30/person total

    Flight to El Paso approx. $350

    • All participants must have a valid Passport!
    • All participants must show proof of Covid vaccine OR a negative Covid test one day before arrival in Mexico.
    • All participants should be up to date on tetanus vaccine (every 10 years is recommended)
    • We must wear masks whenever inside buildings in Ciudad Juarez
    • We will have an orientation meeting for all registered participants about one week before departure.

    For more information, contact at Jennifer Wagner or 972-951-0189.


    We will also have a trip for adults and youth (accompanied by a parent) October 27-30. Cost, registration and details will be available soon.



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