Sunday Schools

We hope you’ll make Sunday School an important part of your Sunday mornings at Custer Road UMC! Just click the boxes below to see what’s available at each hour.

The names of classes are followed by room numbers. Rooms that start with “B” are located in the basement. There are also welcome desks in the basement where someone can help you find your class.

If you need a map, click here:

Childcare is available at both Sunday School hours. No advance registration is needed.


Covenant – B19 The class, 60’s+, led by the Rev. Jack Gibson, discusses weekly lessons.
Empty Nesters – B18 Couples, 60+, with grown children sharing some life stages and values.
Fellowship – B32a  Active group of couples, 40’s to 50’s with teenage children involved in various ministries throughout the church.
Finding Our Way – B34 Adults of all ages looking for fellowship and spiritual growth
Fresh Faith – B14 Adults, 50’s+ studying the Bible with the use of videos and study guides.  Alternating between Old and New Testament books with a variety of resources makes Bible study very enriching.  Great class participation allows for a personal learning experience
Friendship – B2 Friendly class of couples 50+ (with grown children).
Friends in Faith – B9 Couples, 50+, with and without children living at home.
Great Expectations -B32b Couples and individuals, 40’s to 50’s, with older elementary through college-age children.
New Directions – B5  Couples 20’s-30’s, some with children, building our faith
Pathfinders – B6 This class is a friendly adult class for those 60+ with grown children. Class teachings relate to Christian life in a modern society, using the Bible and United Methodist curriculum as a guide
Welcome – B31 Fun-loving, nurturing group of couples and individuals 40s to 60s.
Women Growing in Faith – B1 An all-women group sharing their faith through study, fellowship and giving back.
Cornerstone – B22  Class members in their 40’s to 50’s with school-age children
Couples for Christ – B21 Couples with school and college-age children enjoying Christian lessons with a family focus.
Discipleship – B18 Couples and singles, 40’s to 50’s, with and without children, who study the Scriptures.
Faith Builders – B4  Couples 40’s to 50’s with children
Family Foundations – B32a Adults in late 40’s and up with college-age/young adult children.
Footprints – B12 Couples from 30-40 with infants to school-age children
Growing Families – B13 Couples 30’s to 40’s newborn through first-grade children.
In the Word – B3 Small group of couples and individuals of all ages focusing strongly on scripture.
Jubilee – B6 Friendly class of couples, 60’s+ with grown children.
L.I.G.H.T.- B24 Young professionals in their 30’s, some with children. Focus on learning and mission.
Misfits – B11 Married couples, 40’s to 50’s, with children. Class is self-taught.
Neighbors in Faith – B23 Couples 50’s and 60’s with children of all ages, growing in faith together.
Positive Thinkers – B19 Couples and individuals 60s+ with shared support for family life, values.
3 Strands – B2  Married couples 30’s to 40’s with and without young children.
Wisdom of the Word – B15 All ages focus on Biblical, topical and sermon-based studies.


Jerry Butler Director of Adult Ministries