Whether you are caring for a relative suffering from Alzheimer's disease, dealing with the recent death of a loved one, battling an addiction, feeling lonely and isolate, or struggling in your spiritl walk, we can help you move from hurting to healing.

As you face different trials throughout your lifetime, you have a choice to make: You can navigate the storm on your own, or allow others to make the journey with you. Custer Road Care is here to walk beside you so you do not have to face any trial by yourself.


As followers of Christ, we assist our congregation and community who need physical, spiritual or mental help so that they can follow the Greatest Commandment - Love the Lord your God with all your HEART, all your SOUL and all your MIND. (Matthew 22:37)


You may contact the church office at 972-618-3450 to speak directly with a minister or a Custer Road Care staff member about any care needs.

*If it's urgent and during non-office hours, call the main church number, 972-618-3450, and follow the prompts to leave a message including your contact information. A minister will get back to you immediately.

Rev. Sharon O’Connor
Sr. Associate Minister of Congregational Care
Rev. Jack Gibson
Associate Minister of
Congregational Care
Rev. Dr. Jack Wallace
Associate Minister of Intern Development
Carol Brady
Associate Director of Friday Nite Friends & Special Needs Ministry
Barbara Hutson
Director of Treasured Times
Tiffanny Hosey
Director of Care
and Prayer Ministry
Evelyn Tan
Wedding Coordinator
Erin Woods
Director of Friday Nite Friends & Special Needs Ministries