FridayNITEFriends-logo2013Friday NITE Friends serve families with special needs children so parents can take a break from their continuous care.

Medical Room: Our highest level of care for children birth to 15 years old who are medically fragile and/or require on-going treatment. This would include children with feeding tubes, apnea monitors, severe asthma, immune system dysfunction, etc. This room is staffed by several registered nurses and volunteers. Admission to the program is based on need and each family can utilize the program twice a month.

Special Care Rooms: We serve children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, etc. Children are separated into five rooms based on age. Each room is staffed by a supervising adult and three or four adult and/or teen volunteers. Special care families can use the program once every four weeks. We currently care for special needs children from birth through age 15.

Sibling Care: 
We also provide care for the sibling of our special need children. This is basically a sitter service. Siblings 7 to 12 years old play in a large recreation room or watch movies or play games in the sibling room. Four to six adult and/or teen volunteers supervise sibling care. Siblings under 7 years old are included in the age appropriate special care room.

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