Custer Road would like to show our love and support to the 2021 High School Seniors with “Adopt-A-CRUMY-Senior” program.

If you have an upcoming High School Graduate please let us know so your senior can be plugged into the program! Members of Custer Road – please consider adopting/sponsoring a senior. This pandemic has presented many challenges for our beloved graduating seniors and we would like to give them something to be excited about and to also demonstrate how much God and the CRUMC community love them.

How does it work?

  1. Sign-up process for both graduating seniors and those families/individuals who want to sponsor/adopt-a-senior.
  2. Sponsor/senior responses are received and assignments are made.
  3. Sponsor and senior are introduced and information is exchanged.
  4. Let the love, fun, and blessings begin! Start mailing, dropping off, encouraging, etc. – whatever the senior’s parents/guardians are okay with and complies with Covid-19 rules. Each week, the sponsor will send/drop-off the senior something special (cards, gift basket, 2021 memorabilia, gift cards, treats, etc). We envision this to be done on a weekly basis, through the first week of June – and then perhaps something special on their graduation date. If you aren’t sure you can participate weekly, please consider joining efforts with another family/individual.

Seniors and sponsoring families/individuals must be members or currently attending Custer Road UMC and/or participate in youth events/activities/programs. Sponsors can submit up to 3 names of seniors they would like to adopt; if all 3 are already adopted, a senior will be assigned. Items do not need to be costly, but simply something you have like to send – and we kindly ask not to send cash/money. We encourage families/individuals who DO NOT have a graduating senior to sign up for sponsorship. We realize there are other similar programs currently out there (locally and nationally) and if your senior has already been adopted by one of those groups, it is up to the parent/guardian to decide whether to participate in the CRUMC program. Our goal is to ensure every graduating senior of CRUMC has a sponsor, whether it is from our church or another organization.

Those who want to submit a graduating High School senior, click here.

Those who want to sponsor/adopt a High School Senior, click here.

If you have questions or need information, please contact Krista Thornley at 214.228.3976 or