Bed Start Volunteer Opportunities


Where can I serve?

  • Serving in the Field
  • Serving in Operations 
  • Serving Individually
  • Serving in the Community

How can I serve?

  • Serving in the Field
    • Apartment Liaison
      Coordinator for new occupants of new, low income apartment complexes. Working with the apartment point of contact to coordinate the support effort. Working with the new residents for support and follow-up. 
    • Care Package Coordinator
      Organize and deliver Care Packages for Households that are supported by Bed Start. Identify and the need for Care Packages and coordinate for delivery
    • Response Crew Co-Pilot
      Ride with a Pickup and Delivery crew to track items for completeness of pickup and delivery, for input to the master inventory list. No lifting required.
  • Serving in Operations (the “Shed”)
    • Starter Kit Assembly
      Assembling starter kits for kitchen, bath, and pantry, including resource guides and cleaning supplies. Sorting pots, pans, dishes, glasses, and flatware.
    • Item Quality Control
      Validate all parts for certain items are included. Activity would include assembling cribs, matching and sizing metal bed frames, identifying and completing hardware requirements for headboards, and many other quality control tasks.
  • Serving Individually
    • Soft Item Coordination
      Linen and towel washing, sorting, and labeling. Grouping items into sets.
    • Outreach Ministry Liaison
      Deliver small items that are better suited for various support agencies.
    • Inventory Administration
      Collect, organize, and report inventory information from Response Crew Co-Pilot. 
    • Handy Person
      Many donated items require some extra care before they can be delivered. This would include minor furniture repair: gluing, hinge reattachment, door and drawer knob reattachment, nailing, reinforcement, cutting slats for bed frames, and many more.
  • Serving in the Community
    • Collin County Homeless Coalition Member
      Liaison, or conduit, for coordination of Collin County resources and Custer Road UMC. Passionate about homelessness and housing. 
    • Grant Application Writer
      Identify Collin County Homeless Coalition, HUD, etc. grant opportunities, assess which ones are suitable for Bed Start, and apply for those grants. 
    • Bed Start Advocate
      Provide input to other support agencies regarding Bed Start capabilities and the need for continuous support. Communicate with churches that are local to Bed Start delivery areas to promote giving and loving for those in need in their communities; socialize the concept of providing a hand up, not just a hand out; promote shifting the support culture from “providing support to them” and “working with them” to a culture of “being a part of the same community.” 
    • Health and Safety Coordinator
      Stocking supplies, monitoring procedures, and training of volunteers. Stay current with government regulations and Custer Road UMC guidelines for health and safety.
    • Website Content Coordinator
      Collect and provide up to date pictures, videos, and text to our website implementation support. This would keep the website fresh. Assist with ideas for website usability improvement.