Membership at Custer Road

Connections and Membership Class

“What does Custer Road care about?”

“What do Methodists believe and why do I need to know that?”

“What is the Connections and Membership class?”

Let’s face it, this is a large church. Finding opportunities to connect can feel overwhelming with all the different programs and events. We can have lots of questions about church, whether we’re walking through the doors for the first time or have been coming for years. Sometimes we aren’t sure where to get our questions answered.

You are invited to join us for a three-session gathering called the Connections and Membership class.

Session 1: Meet new friends and find out about the history of Custer Road.

Session 2: You will touch on the history of the Methodist Church and Spiritual Development.

Session 3: You will learn about your personal spiritual gifts and how to use them for God and our church.

Those who wish to join the church will be introduced to the congregation on joining Sunday, which is almost always the Sunday after the last class. The Connections and Membership class is offered five times a year. We will make new friends and enjoy light refreshments as we learn more about the church and ourselves.

Questions? Contact:

Kelly Graeber
Executive Director, Connectional
Ministries and Evangelism

RSVP for In-Person classes here.

(You only need to RSVP for the first class of a session.)


07aug10:45 am12:00 pmConnections & Membership Class

07aug10:45 pm12:00 pmConnections & Membership Class

14aug10:45 pm10:45 pmConnections & Membership Class

21aug10:45 pm10:45 pmConnections & Membership Class