Sacred Conversation Hearts

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is a special day, because we get to remind people how much we love them! This family activity will help you remind your family that they are loved- by you and by God!
  1. Print or pull up the Sacred Conversation Heart conversation starters HERE.
  2. Gather your family! The dinner table would be a great place to chat, but any time will work!
  3. Light a candle to set your sacred space. Lighting a candle reminds us that God is in the midst of our conversation, and that the light of Christ surrounds us!
  4. Go question by question and allow each family member and opportunity to answer. You can choose to do all the questions at once, or you can split them up over the next week.
  5. When you are done, bless each family member. (Trace the shape of a heart on their hand or forehead while saying, “You are a blessing.”
  6. Blow out your candle 🙂

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