Day Ten

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Psalm 34:8“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”

Liz and I are currently in a transitional season of life. Liz is a high school senior in the midst of the college application process, which was preceded by hours of studying and test taking, campus tours and correspondence, essays and rewrites. At this point, all the applications, recommendations and scores have been sent out and now we wait. Wait and hope that some of her choices “want” her on campus. We have crossed paths with numerous people who have assisted us in this journey, sharing their expertise, personal experience and insight (all valuable gifts) – we are most grateful for all these blessings.

Admittedly this had the makings of a very anxious time, however, as we pray and stay mindful of the Lord’s presence in this process, we breathe and we relax. We hold onto and trust, that wherever she attends, the Lord will work in her and through her. We take refuge in Him now for comfort and strength and most of all in the desire that we have to pay forward our blessings and gifts, for that is the source of our joy!

Dear Lord. Thank you for being our refuge, for the comfort, strength, joy and the ability to share gifts and blessings that come with being connected to you. May we always remember that we can fully put our trust in you, whatever the season, whatever the reason! Amen

Catherine & Liz Harrington

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