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Dear Church Family,

I am sending out my weekly letter to you a few days early because I want you to be aware of a decision made last night to delay our May 22nd Called Church Conference.

Over the weekend, our general contractor sent a final proposed budget for the construction of our strategic building redesign. Much to our surprise, the budget came in at 15 million dollars which is approximately 50% higher than the initial 8-10 million dollar estimate.

After a long meeting with the building team, architects and general contractor on Monday, the decision was made to head back to the drawing board to redesign the project and bring it back into budget.

The building design team understands Custer Road’s Five Pillars (Worship, Family Building, Evangelism, Missions and Discipleship) are still to remain the driving force behind the design. They also know that our Trustees will not put any plans before the congregation for a vote until a budget is in place that proves the project can be finished within our financial parameters.

I want you to know that everyone involved in this process remains confident we will still be able to accomplish what we believe God is calling us to do in regards to our building. I also want you to know that every step of this process has been bathed in prayer as we seek to be the best stewards of the resources entrusted to us by you.

I want to thank you in advance for your patience during this delay and ask you to continue to pray for our team as they navigate this detour. Our hope is to bring the final plans back to you by the end of the summer once people have had time to return from family vacations, etc. Between now and then, we will continue to keep you apprised of any significant developments in the process.

In other news, Rev. Tim Morrison left for Portland yesterday for the 2016 General Conference of the United Methodist Church. He will be among thousands of clergy and lay leaders from all over the world. You can learn more about General Conference here. Please keep Tim and our North Texas delegation in your prayers as they gather in Portland to attend to the the work of the church.

I hope you’ll join us on Sunday as we begin our first sermon in a series called “The Third Person” in which we will look at the role of the Holy Spirit in the world and in our lives.

Many Blessings,

Pastor Kory

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  1. Could it be that God is calling us BACK to take a closer spiritual look, not just at getting “within the budget” but at the overall project itself. Is this for God’s glory, or human pride? There is definitely a reason this “bump” has turned up so suddenly.

    1. Hi, Janell. Thanks so much for your comment! Is this for God’s glory, or human pride? Just my opinion here, but I believe it’s for God’s glory. (Not that any of us are ever immune from pride!) Our congregation voted overwhelmingly in favor of this, not so much to get a new building as to better live into our Pillars, to be more the church we feel God is calling us to be. The building plans sprung from a lengthy and prayerful period of humble self-examination and reflection. This 18-month period resulted in our desire to focus on Worship, Missions, Family Building, Evangelism, and Disciple Making. We want to be a church that better understands and better meets the needs of our changing community. A building re-design is not the be-all and end-all to make all of this happen, but it certainly helps remove some barriers and position us for the next 30 years of ministry in Plano.

      Rob Webster
      Director of Communications and Creative Media at CRUMC

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