Our number one goal as a youth program is to aid in your student’s faith development and to provide a safe space for them to learn, grow, and ask questions.

The first goal of Confirmation is to teach students what it looks like to be well-rounded disciples of Jesus Christ. We will teach them about many things such as Christian History, Bible Basics, The Trinity, and the role of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in our lives, Wesleyan Theology and History, Christian Discipleship, and much more. Our second goal is for students to make the decision about whether they are ready to make their faith their own and become full-time members of the United Methodist Church. Please know that it is not our intent to pressure students into this decision, but rather to walk alongside them as they explore and grow in their faith. We will surround them with positive Christian influences and help them to grow in community with their peers. If they choose to say “yes” to this commitment, they are saying “yes” to personal devotion to Jesus Christ and to the Church. If they choose to say “no,” we will continue to love and support them on their faith journey in hopes that their “no” might become a “yes” when they are ready. 

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Seventh graders will be asked to be in class from 9:45-11am (15 minutes longer than the regular Sunday school hour).  Classes will be taught by parents/Youth Investors and will look very similar to a normal Sunday School lesson. In addition, there will be two field trips that are highly recommended in order to complete the program.

Here are the important dates you need to know:

Date/Time:                    Activity:                         Location:                       
Sunday, February 23:
Class Session 5Room 200 —
Custer Road UMC
Sunday, March 1:
Class Session 6Room 200 —
Custer Road UMC
Sunday, March 8-14:
No Classes!
SPRING BREAK!Have a Great Week!
Sunday, March 15:
Class Session 7Room 200 —
Custer Road UMC
Friday, March 20:
Family Visit to
Adat Chaverim
Adat Chaverim
6300 Independence Pkwy A
Plano, TX 75023
Sunday, March 22:
Class Session 8Room 200 —
Custer Road UMC
Sunday, March 29:
Class Session 9Room 200 —
Custer Road UMC
Sunday, April 5:
Class Session 10Room 200 —
Custer Road UMC
Sunday, April 19:
Class Session 11Room 200 —
Custer Road UMC
Saturday, April 25:
Day Retreat & Class Session 12Throughout DFW Area
Saturday, April 25:
Confirmation RehearsalThe Venue —
Custer Road UMC
Sunday, April 26:
Confirmation ServiceThe Venue —
Custer Road UMC

Please note that the Confirmation Meeting on Sunday, January 12, is VERY important for getting all of the information needed to be successful through Confirmation. We will need both a parent AND the participating student to be present at that meeting. 

The cost of enrollment in Confirmation is $75/participant. This cost covers supplies, retreat costs, snacks, etc..

If you have any questions that are not answered above, please email John Cravens at jcravens@crumc.org. We hope that you will strongly consider this step for your child and we pray for your family on this faith journey.

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Date(s) - Feb 23, 2020
9:45 am - 11:00 am

Custer Road UMC - Room 200

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