Faith — By: Claire Magavern

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“I felt strangely warmed throughout this incredible 5-day trip but I felt most touched at Haven for Hope. Maybe it was their stories or their enthusiasm but I feel like we changed a little of them and made their day. Christ sent us out to send love into the world to who needed it most. After we sang and went out to have dinner with the homeless, I was talking to a guy named Peter and he had just been offered a job in Houston teaching band and orchestra. I realized how hard it would be to get a job having the background of a homeless person because it could be on your record for the rest of your life. I talked with another man and he told me advice I would never forget. He said to learn from other people’s mistakes. I think he regretted it a lot. That brought me closer to God knowing that life-changing mistakes happen to everyone and you have God to hold on to and look up to.” – Claire Magavern

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