Fall 2017 Plano CARES Project

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CRUMC, in cooperation with the City of Plano, will participate in its new neighborhood program designed to provide volunteers to help homeowners with code violations on the outside of their homes. This is an extension of the Love Where You Live (LWYL) neighborhood programs which CRUMC has been involved with over the last 4 years.  Under this program, a qualified home owner is screened by the City based on need.  CRUMC has negotiated with the City to focus help on individual home owners in areas around and near the church.

The church has already come to the aid of a neighbor on Spring Creek Parkway under the program. On September 9, a group led by the New Commandment Men’s Ministry assisted an 87-year-old veteran and his wife with straightening up their leaning fence which was leaning and did not meet City Code.  Due to health conditions, the veteran could no longer do heavy work even though he had built the fence himself.  Living on social security, they couldn’t afford to hire a fence company to come and repair the leaning fence.

With the help of some of the team members, Project Manager, Terry Chevalier, planned and acquired the materials.  Terry and his crew spent 5 hours digging holes next to fence posts, jacking the fence back upright and refilling those holes with 22 bags of hand mixed concrete.  This relieved the homeowner from a code violation fine.  If not repaired, the City would hire a contractor to do the work and bill the couple for costs they could not afford.  The home owner understood that the City needs to keep up neighborhood standards through code enforcement but didn’t have the means to address this problem themselves.  By taking a Saturday to help with this repair, the volunteers took pressure off the minds of a lovely couple, helped the City keep up an older neighborhood and demonstrated for all involved the love of Jesus Christ.

You can help a neighbor near the church by watching for requests for help with a project in the future. If you are interested in being notified directly by email please contact Dennis Allen at all13983@gmail.com or 214-557-8785. CRUMC will continue to be involved in the LWYL program with the next event coming in the Spring of 2018.


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