Food Drive and Casey’s Change

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The November Communion Offering benefits the Plano Food Pantry and God’s Pantry. With the holidays almost upon us, we want to help families in need in our area to have food on their table. Donations will go toward perishable items at both pantries and help with rent and utilities at one pantry. Please give online or place your offering in the baskets.

Casey’s Change Collection Coincides with Food Drive Casey Wolfe was a member of the CRUMY youth group from the time he was in the 6th grade until the day he graduated from Plano Senior High. He participated in every choir tour, mission trip, Survivor Weekend, Lock-In and anything else the youth program was doing. Casey would collect change to use the change to “up size” his and other youth’s meals. Casey passed away in 2009, but his love for food and his love to help others in his own way are remembered by many of Casey’s friends and family. While we will not have collection jars out this year, please bring your change in a Ziploc bag to the church to the front desk marked Casey’s Change during the month of November. The money collected will be donated to God’s Food Pantry in memory of Casey.

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