Fresh Faith class begins study on Revelation Feb. 18th

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The Fresh Faith Sunday School class is a group of adults, 50+ studying the Bible together through the use of videos and study guides.  The class alternates between Old and New Testament books throughout the year.  This welcoming class is filled with great class participation and discussion which allows for a personal learning experience.

Fresh Faith is beginning a new study of the Book of Revelation on Sunday, February 18th.  They will cover Revelation in two five week series.  Fresh Faith will explore this influential New Testament text with  the Book by Book study series from Vision Video that has three excellent presenters:  Stephen Nichols, Richard Bewes, and Paul Blackham.  These presenters are both ministers and educators.

Study Description:
The book of Revelation takes us to the very heart of all history where we find the LORD Jesus Christ sharing the throne with His Father, surrounded by the Holy Spirit.  At the center of reality, the Living God rules through Jesus and the Church as we wait for that day of judgment and new creation.

The ten programs cover the 22 chapters of Revelation as follows:

First Five Week Series:

  1. Jesus, the Alpha and Omega (1:1-20)
  2. Jesus, the Ruler of God’s creation (2:1-3:22)
  3. Jesus, the Lion and the Lamb (4:1-5:14)
  4. Jesus, the Lamb who opens the seals (6:1-7:17)
  5. Jesus and the Seven Trumpets (8:1-11:19)

Second Five Week Series:

  1. Jesus, slain before the creation (12:1-14:5)
  2. Jesus, treading the winepress (14:6-16:21)
  3. Jesus, Lord of lords, King of Kings (17:1-19:10)
  4. Jesus, the Triumphant Rider (19:11-20:15)
  5. Jesus, the Divine Bridegroom (21:1-22:21)

Are you looking for a Sunday School class?  Maybe you already have a Sunday School home but would like to meet some of your fellow Custer Road members? Either way, make plans to join the Fresh Faith Sunday School class as they begin their journey through the Book of Revelation!

Fresh Faith meets in room B14 at 9:00 a.m.      Have questions?  Contact Jerry Lee Butler, Director of Adult Ministry.

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