Fun Friday March 27th- Spread Some Sunshine!!

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Happy Friday to our Custer Road Kids!
For today’s Fun Friday activity we hope you’ll take advantage of the beautiful weather and spread some sunshine in your neighborhood!
How have you been sharing God’s love and hope with your neighbors?
With so many more family’s out enjoying walks and time outside, you have the perfect opportunity to use your home as a way to spread love in your neighborhood and encourage your neighbors! Maybe you’d like to create a beautiful masterpiece or encouraging message with chalk, or maybe you’d like to put signs or decorations on your front door in your window, or maybe you’ve got some awesome yard decorations you could put out. Whatever it is you are doing to spread joy in your neighborhood we want to see it! Check out some inspiration below and then head over to our Facebook page to share some of your own pictures!
Want to spread some more sunshine! Not all of our Custer Road church members have neighbors or family that are able to visit them right now. If your family would be interested in mailing cards or artwork to some of our home-bound members, please email Heather. What a great opportunity to be the church even when we can’t be together!
Your family is a blessing and so loved! Keep shining bright- it makes a difference!

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