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We made it to Friday! And while our Friday celebrations and our weekend plans look significantly different this week, I hope you’ll still give yourself a big high five. We can do this!!! Today we’ve got a fun craft idea to help your kids look for the rainbows among the clouds! (Our family missed seeing the actual rainbow yesterday, so we can’t wait to make our own!)

Activity Instructions:
-Gather whatever craft supplies you have. For the pictured example you’ll need paper, markers, yarn or string, scissors, and tape. But adapt as needed with the supplies you have!!
-First cut out a cloud and pick a Bible verse to write on it. You’ll see 2 Timothy 1:7 on the example, but feel free to pick your favorite!
-Next cut out several hearts. If you have rainbow colored paper- awesome! If not, you could use different colored markers or crayons to get the rainbow effect!
-On these hearts you will list everything you are thankful for! What a fun opportunity to remind each other that even when things are not going the way we planned, we are so incredibly blessed! Be sure to name them out loud and brainstorm together!
-Finally, attach the hearts to the string and the string to your cloud using tape. Find a place to display that will be a daily reminder of how blessed you are and how good our God is!!
-Even if your family doesn’t like to craft, you can still participate in this fun activity. You could use a dry erase marker to write things you are thankful for on the mirrors, for older kids you could text each other things your are thankful for throughout the day, or you could simply start a family list. However you do it- don’t forget to take a moment to thank God today for His many blessings!

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