Good Friday- Holy Week 2020

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This year for Holy Week, we are providing daily Scriptures, a photo scavenger hunt, and simple activity for you to read with your family to help you connect with God and each other.  You can read all about it here.


As a family, read John 19:16-18. Maybe you’d like to download a Bible app to your phone and read it while you take a walk outside! We understand that the story of Jesus’ death is a sad and scary story, but it is so important for our kids to understand the fullness of the Easter story and not rush right to the empty tomb. You may choose to paraphrase the story yourself or use one of the story videos below to help tell the story. You know your child and family best! Questions you may want to ask your family:
-How do you feel about what happened to Jesus?
-Why do you think they call it Good Friday?
-Jesus’ love for us is so big. He lived a life that showed us what it meant to share God’s love with everyone and died on the cross because He loves us and wants to be our friend forever. How can we remind someone else that they are loved today?
The Very Darkest Day
In the video above, Ms. Heather shares a story from Easter Love Letters from God called The Darkest Day. Today’s story is a sad one, but Easter is coming!
The Easter Story
The Easter Story linked above is especially appropriate for our Preschoolers and explains Easter in an age appropriate way!
This is the Mystery of Easter
In case you missed this one on Wednesday- I love the explanation of Easter found in the Mystery of Easter. You can also download a free PDF of the book HERE if you’d like to read it yourself!


Today’s Scavenger Hunt item is a cross. You might find a cross somewhere in your house. Or maybe on your walk you’ll find sidewalk cracks shaped like a cross or someone’s beautiful chalk art. If you can’t find a cross, maybe you could make your own out of sticks or other nature items you find on your walk! Once you find your cross, take a picture and post them to The Good Friday thread on our Facebook page or email to and we’ll post for you!


Today’s activity will tie into tomorrow’s activity! We’d like to encourage you to make a paper cross with folds in it. You can use the video below for a “magic” paper folding technique that will turn into a cross. Or you can cut your own cross out of plain paper and then fold it at different angles, making sure to leave a crease on the paper. Then take a black or dark colored marker and trace the lines you created. You should be left with shapes that are outlined in a pattern similar to stained glass. Hang your cross today somewhere you will see it as a reminder of how much Jesus loves you!
Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 of this activity!
Folding a paper cross
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We understand that the demands of quarantine may mean that you can’t wrap your brain around doing anything else. And that’s ok! But if you are looking for some additional activities, we’ve pinned some of our favorites HERE. The one our family is really looking forward to is making Resurrection Rolls, but there are lots of fun options 🙂

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