Gospel Gang Musical Auditions!

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Calling all 4th and 5th graders!
Musical Auditions for “Faith News” are Sunday, January 20, from 3-5pm!

Before you audition, decide what KIND of part, not which character, you want to play. A major character will have more lines and need to be at almost all of the rehearsals, a minor character will have a few lines and might only have to be at the rehearsals for the scenes you are in, singing solos or ensembles will depend on how we divide the music. There are roles that REQUIRE singing – so be prepared to sing something for us. There will also be a dance troupe. So we will want to know your dance experience. On your audition form please rate your choices 1, 2 and 3 with 1 being the one you want the most.

Click here to get an audition packet!

Read through the sample scenes in this packet and be prepared to read any part. Practice reading the lines with lots of energy and expression. Also practice singing alone even if you did not mark it as one of your top choices.

Practice! Remember, we are listening for volume, clarity, and lots and lots of expression – facial and vocal – so ham it up! All character and singing parts will be assigned based on your audition, so practice all the parts and be ready to show off.

Remember that we will be fitting many children into many parts – all of them important so please trust us to find the best fit for the entire group. All the parts will be fun and all the characters are important. Every part is important to this musical being awesome!

Lastly, look at your calendars and discuss the musical with your parents. Remember, that while it is fun to play a part in the musical, it does requirerehearsal time in addition to normal Sunday 5-6, and a commitment to attendboth. Participants are expected to be cooperative, attentive and consistent in their attendance. I do not say this to discourage, but instead, to help the children know up front what is expected of them. I encourage all who are interested to audition.

The musical is Sunday, May 19, during worship. The dress rehearsal is Saturday, May 18, from 9-11am. All major roles must be able attend the dress rehearsal. All extra rehearsals will be on Sundays before regular rehearsals. If Miss Lauren and I feel it is necessary we will meet the Friday before dress rehearsal.


Mrs. Lynda

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