Great Problems and Great Blessings

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The 2016 Choir Tour registration numbers are the largest in many years! Yoohoo! The youth will be traveling to California, performing GODSPELL across the southwest. You have the chance to see them at the home performance on June 26.

This year we planned for 100 students and we have 110 signed up with more on a waiting list!

Problem #1: Custer Road, through budget and donations, offers each student $300 off the cost of tour for showing commitment in attendance to Revelation. What’s the beautiful problem? Revelation anticipated 100 kids for a total of 30k. Additional students requires greater funds! No worries.

Problem #2: Each bus costs 20K and two busses hold 100 students. Currently, we have students without a ride. We are past a number an extra van can hold. Adding a 3rd bus would mean we could take many more students; but 20K! No worries.

Problem #3: The cost for each student is $1050 which includes everything. Each student receives the above mentioned support of $300 for commitment, leaving the cost to for each kid at $750. For some of our families, this amount is more than the family can afford. Therefore, scholarships of $750 are extended to 17 students who have requested assistance, totaling a need of $12,750.


Blessing #1: Scripture! GODSPELL is a fantastic way to memorize the book of Matthew.

Blessing #2: Community! Tour is an incredible way to provide a caring, nurturing, environment to grow faithful young men and women.

Blessing #3: Evangelism! Sharing the Gospel beyond the walls of Custer Road supports who God has called us to be. The great added perk is the evangelism that takes place among the students and in the eyes of young brothers and sisters who hear the word articulated with enthusiasm and see themselves continuing this legacy down the road.


The blessings far outweigh the problems! If you can, and would like to help Revelation Ministries, consider tackling a bit of problem #3.

To make a donation to Senior High Revelation Choir Tour: Click HERE, select “Other” and put “SRHigh Rev. Tour Donation.”

There is a kid, signed-up for tour, and hoping for a financial break.



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