Head Start Sweat Suit Collection

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There are 146 students currently enrolled in PISD’s Head Start program, a federally-funded program for students three to five years old, whose parents meet low-income guidelines.  Head Start is a well-rounded effort to see that only will the child’s immediate needs be met, but that the entire family can become self-sufficient and help their child be successful in school.  Our support of the Head Start school is a fun yearly tradition!  This year is unlike any other, and in the face of economic downturn and Covid-19 concerns, our help is needed more than ever.  It’s time for the Sweat suit Drive!

As we did last year, we will collect the individual components and the school will distribute to the students.

Sign-up through the Sign-up Genius: 

Our goal is for every student to have a new sweat suit and/or jeans, and a package of socks and underwear.  Everything is easily found at Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s, etc., and online. We’re also happy to shop for you, just indicate “Head Start sweat suits” on your check or donate online through the church website.  Ordering online? Have items shipped directly to Custer Road, 6601 Custer Road, Plano, 75023, Attn:  Head Start Drive.  There will be a collection bin in the Mission Donation Area marked for Head Start beginning September 26, and all items should be received by October 17, for delivery to the school.

For further information, contact Susan Williams or call her at 972-345-4458.

Head Start Sweat suit drop off

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