HeadStart Sweatsuit Collection 2019

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There are 150 students currently enrolled in PISD’s Head Start program. Head Start is for children three and four years old, whose parents meet low income guidelines. This federally funded program is housed in Meadows Elementary, with Early Childhood teachers provided by PISD. Head Start is a well-rounded effort to see that not only will the child’s immediate needs be met, but that the whole family can become self-sufficient and help their child be successful in school.

Please stop by the Head Start table located in the Commons area on Sundays, September 29, October 6 and 13, to select a decorated “hand” with the child’s size and gender. Then, please purchase a two-piece sweat suit, a package of socks, and a package of underwear for that child. Put everything in a bag with the hand inside, and return to the bin in the Mission Donation Area. There are quite a few three year olds that have been added to the program, so there is an extra important need for size 3-4 underwear. Including that in your donation bag will be a huge help!

Shopping for your Head Start kiddo can be a fun family event, and with 150 students needing a sweat suit, please consider picking up more than one hand! Suits are due back on Sunday, October 13. They will be sorted and delivered to the school that week. These children usually get hand-me-downs or clothes from garage sales, so having NEW clothes? They get so excited!

Feeling EXTRA generous? Our Head Start social worker says that the students ALWAYS need jeans. Children outgrow theirs, there are accidents, etc., and jeans are something they can wear the rest of the year. They need unisex styles, sizes 3, 4, 5, 6. The school also hands out socks and underwear all year long.

If you prefer, we will gladly do the shopping for you! You can donate by check (made out to CRUMC with “Head Start sweat suits” in the memo line), dropped by or mailed to the office, in a collection plate, or through PushPay. A two-piece sweat suit usually costs about $15-$20, and is easily found at Walmart, Target, and Kohls. Thank you!

For further information, please contact Susan Williams at suzewill@yahoo.com, 972-345-4458


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