In Bed By Christmas Eve

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Help us get everyone in bed by Christmas Eve!
As we begin to look at the calendar and think about the holiday season, what do we focus on? Sadly, I bet most of us think of all the things we need to accomplish for family and work and we feel overwhelmed. Do we honestly think about the story of Christ? Do we stop and think of how overwhelmed Mary and Joseph must have felt? They had to leave their family, friends and familiar surroundings to do what was best for their family. Doesn’t this sound similar to the stories of Bed Start families?

In Bed by Christmas for Bed Start isn’t about dropping off toys and presents. It is about providing beds to children and parents trying to start over in a better place. With over 174 households currently on our list and over 274 beds needed, we are asking for each of you to think prayerfully about providing a gift that will make a difference – that will lift a child off the floor, give a vet a place to rest, a refugee some physical comfort. Be the spark of positive change in our community – starting with a single act of love by providing something as basic as a bed.

How do you help?
Join Bed Start by delivering beds and household items weekly, sharing the love of Christ with your neighbor. If that isn’t something you feel called to do, please consider making a generous gift to Bed Start.  During this season of Christ, each donation up to $11,000 WILL BE MATCHED! Click on the button below, and then choose one of the available Giving Methods.  If using PushPay, put Other in the Giving Type.  If using Arena to Give Online, uncheck the ‘Setup Scheduled Gift’ box and enter the amount on the Special Gift line.  For whatever method you choose, please  put “In Bed By Christmas Eve” in the Memo section so your donation goes to the right place. Thank you for your generosity!

Being the hands and feet of Christ looks different to everyone. As we begin to close out 2019, reflect on how you want to do this in 2020.  Let your actions be the visible sign that Christ is alive and working through us to love those in our community.

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