Jesus Prays- Holy Week 2020

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This year for Holy Week, we are providing daily Scriptures, a photo scavenger hunt, and simple activity for you to read with your family to help you connect with God and each other.  You can read all about it here.


As a family read Mark 14:32-42. Maybe you’d like to download a Bible app to your phone and read it while you take a walk outside! Questions you may want to ask your family:
-There are many ways to pray. You can fold your hands and say or think words to God. You could sit quietly with your eyes closed and listen for what God wants you to know. You can take a walk and notice the beauty of God’s creation around you. How do you pray? Where do you pray? When do you pray?
-Jesus was scared so he prayed to God to help him. What do you do when you are scared?
-Do you think there were flowers or plants in the garden with Jesus? Flowers and plants start off as a patch of dirt and grow into something beautiful. How does Jesus bring new life to us like He does to flowers?
We didn’t have a book about Jesus praying in the garden. But we thought that this was a great book to help you get ready for explaining Easter to your children. Easter is a difficult and violent story to explain- especially to young children, but the language and imagery in this book does a beautiful job explaining it in an age appropriate way. CLICK HERE to watch the video.  You can also download the PDF of this book free HERE.
You can also read the story of Jesus in the garden from the Deep Blue Story Book Bible- Jesus Prays Deep Blue Bible.


Today’s Scavenger Hunt item is plants or flowers. Take a walk around the block or a walk around the living room and be on the lookout for plants or flowers. Can you find a garden? A patch of flowers? Oooh- maybe bluebonnets? Maybe a picture in your house with flowers in it? An outfit hanging in the closet with flowers on it? Once you find them take a picture and post them to the Jesus Prays thread on our Facebook page or email to and we’ll post for you! If you create a prayer space as referenced below, we’d LOVE to see that too!!


Jesus knew how important it was to talk to God. It is important for us to talk to God too! Creating a prayer space in your home to intentionally connect with God, especially when we are unable to be at church, will help your family be reminded of His presence in your home!
  • Pick a space. It could be a small closet that is not being used, a corner of a room, or even your coffee table! Make it cozy by adding a chair to sit in or floor pillows to sit on.
  • Add prayer items to your space. This might include a small lamp if there is no light, and a battery operated candle. (We have been teaching the kids to use these in their prayer practice!) You may also want to include a cross, a Bible, pictures of your loved ones that you’d like to pray for, or a bulletin board to put prayer requests on.
  • If you don’t have a space in your home that will work for this purpose, consider putting together a prayer box that family members can pull out and use during their prayer time!
  • This space can be very simple- don’t overthink! If you’d like some inspiration you can view our Pinterest board HERE.


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