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We know that just because summer is coming doesn’t mean your schedule has gotten any less hectic! That’s why we are excited to offer and opportunity to participate in our summer book club- from the comfort of your home! Join other Custer Road parents as we read together “Playing for Keeps/Losing Your Marbles” by: Reggie Joiner. You can read at your own pace and then hop onto our private Facebook discussion group to share ideas, ask questions, and reflect on the reading with other Custer Road parents.

SPlaying for Keepstop by Fellowship Hall on Sunday, May 22 or Sunday, June 5 and visit our table to purchase your hard copy of the book for $24.95, or purchase the e-reader version online here. Our reading schedule will begin Sunday, June 12 and continue throughout the summer.

Here’s a look at “Playing for Keeps/Losing Your Marbles”:
There are some things adults just can’t do for kids.You can’t force a toddler to love broccoli. You can’t make a teenager not date someone. And you can’t make a kid love God. At some point it just starts to break down. Playing for Keeps is a book for parents and leaders (and anyone else who influences the lives of kids and teenagers). In Playing for Keeps, you will discover six things every kid needs over time, and 18 practical ideas so you can make what really matters matter more.

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