Junior High Revelation Choir Tour WREST Prayer — By: Bella Levin

Rob Webster Revelation Choir Tour -- WREST Prayers 2019 Leave a Comment

“Dear God, I praise you for all you have done. Your works are wonderful. I confess that I have not treated everyone with love. I have not been patient. I have been exclusive. I have focused so much on materialistic things that have no worth and I have not focused on you. l know that you have died on the cross for my sins and I ask that you will help me become more patient. I pray that I can have eyes to see the people who need your love and that I will want to love on them. I pray that my worries will cease knowing that you are always present and always watching over me. You are my shepherd, I pray that people who don’t know of your love will learn of your Love. I thank you for blessing me with an amazing group of friends who I can trust and who are absolutely amazing. I thank you for blessing me with an opportunity to go on choir tour and grow closer to you and spread your word. I thank you because you are awesome God and I love you forever. Amen.”
– Bella Levin, Class of 2023

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