Junior High Revelation Choir Tour WREST Prayer — By: Cathleen LaRue

Rob Webster Revelation Choir Tour -- WREST Prayers 2019 Leave a Comment

“Wonderful God, amazing God, a glorious God. You know my every move. You help me in the darkest times. You never leave me, I know I haven’t been so thankful. I want you to fill my heart with love, I know you have forgiven me. I asked if you to watch over me and those around me. Make sure they know they are loved and welcomed and perfect you better never have to change, I asked you to fill me with love and empathy to help others who feel they aren’t loved or welcome, and let me help them see that they are so beautiful and amazing. Thank you for being there during all my hard times, thank you for making me feel that I am enough.” – Cathleen LaRue, Class of 2023

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