Junior High Revelation Choir Tour Wrest Prayer — By: Hannah Haley

Rob Webster Revelation Choir Tour -- WREST Prayers 2019 Leave a Comment

“I had so much fun on this trip this year! I learned so much about you and it’s always fun and good to memorize scripture. I have noticed how awesome you are and how much I need you. The church has not been as fun as it was. Last year it didn’t really feel like I had many people to lean on at church. After choir tour last year, I made so many good friends that I know I’m going to have forever. Thank you, Lord! There are still so many things need help with though. Lord, please help me try to include people, spread love, and connect with my family and friends and not shut my loved ones out. Father, thank you so much for this opportunity to go on Junior High Choir Tour and to create so many relationships to last a lifetime. Lord, I just thank you! You are good and I pray this in  your holy name, amen”
– Hannah Haley, Class of 2024

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