Lent 2021: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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This Lenten sermon series for 6 weeks, from 1/21/2021 to 3/28/2021. These study guides are complementary to the sermons, designed to be taught either before or after the sermon is preached. Use them to guide your class discussion, whether participants have heard the sermon already or plan to listen to it later (or not! – the guides have value all on their own).
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Week 1: Wild Bunch [2/21/2021]



Download Week 1 Leader Guide             Download Week 1 Participant Guide


Week 2: True Grit [2/28/2021]
Download Week 2 Leader Guide                  Download Week 2 Participant Guide

Week 3: Lonesome Dove [3/7/2021]


Download Week 3 Leader Guide                  Download Week 3 Participant Guide

Week 4: Fistful of Dollars [3/14/2021]


Download Week 4 Leader Guide                  Download Week 4 Participant Guide

Week 5: Hostiles [3/21/2021]



Download Week 5 Leader Guide                  Download Week 5 Participant Guide

Week 6: Unforgiven [3/28/2021]



Download Week 6 Leader Guide                  Download Week 6 Participant Guide

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