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Custer Road has a long-standing relationship with Christie and Thomas elementary schools at part of our Local School Ministry and our involvement with Spring Creek Village as these are two of the feeder schools for Spring Creek Village.  Both schools are Title 1 schools and consequently have more than a few students whose families are in financial need.  We have been in communication with the social workers at both Christie and Thomas who are thrilled that Custer Road is again able to provide some assistance to families this holiday season.  These social workers are on campus and identify first-hand those students and families who may be struggling financially.  They’ve created a packet that will be sent home with these students offering the families a bit of assistance.  Each family is asked to list the names and ages of their children along with a “need” and a “want” item for each.  Approximately sixty packets are being sent home with students.

We will have the completed pages for those families who choose to be involved on 11/7 and at the Alternative Gift Market on 11/13 & 14.  As we did last year – we are asking that gifts be purchased based on the packet for each child and gift cards be provided for the parents.  There will be a drop-off date identified where all items must be returned to the school. Providing wrapping paper with your gifts is encouraged as everything will be given to the parents on a particular day – allowing the parents to wrap and give these gifts themselves if they choose.

If you are not able to support an entire family but would like to contribute toward sponsorships, please donate to CRUMC online or by check and indicate “LSM Family Sponsorships”. If you have any questions, are interested in sponsoring a family but can’t get to the church during the Alternative Gift Market, please contact Laura Farley  or via text or call at 972-697-6371.

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