Love Where You Live Fall 2018

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Submitted by Dennis Allen, LWYL Coordinator

Once again, CRUMC volunteers came together on September 15 to help its neighbors in the Meadows/Ridgewood Neighborhood in East Plano near Meadows Elementary School. 33 volunteers joined to work on three homes in one of Plano’s older communities.  Work included removal and trimming of trees, cleaning/repairing chain link fences, trash removal, a door repair and general clean-up of properties to community standards.

Over the last 6 years, CRUMC volunteers have reached out to 37 homeowners who needed help getting their homes and yards up to City standards. It was no different this time with three home improvement projects located in East Plano.  Each homeowner found themselves in need of assistance due to low incomes and/or age, which limits the amount of work they can do themselves.  Our home owners included an 80-year-old veteran, a lady who had lost her job and a single mother working to support herself and her daughter.

All the projects start with an experienced leader willing to help plan, interact with the home owner, coordinate the activities of the volunteers, and then execute a project. CRUMC is fortunate to have several of those talented leaders within our church who are willing to reach out as Christians helping our neighbors.  Many thanks to Project Managers Dennis Allen, Bruce Fallis and David Lucas.

One of those neighbors was a Hispanic woman, Velma, who couldn’t speak English, and feared what the City might do to her home because she couldn’t afford to hire anyone (recently losing her job) to help her repair her fence and cleanup the property. Bruce Fallis lead this project with 12 people from our church.  Many of Bruce’s team were members of the “Fellowship Sunday school class”.  In need of someone to help translate for Velma, Aidan Brennan, a CRUMY high-schooler, stepped forward to help.  When we met Velma the first time, we found someone who was very afraid about what was going to happen to her and her home.  But with Aidan’s help, Velma felt comfortable enough at the end to join everyone for a group photo, flashing a big smile!

All three of these homeowners were impacted by the caring of strangers in the name of Jesus by helping them catch up with the improvements of home and property. Our team doesn’t just do the work, but they interact with the homeowners, showing them the Love of Jesus Christ first hand!  Over the years as your LWYL Program coordinator, I have continued to be in contact with some of the people we helped with these projects.  They will always note how wonderful it was to have someone from their community help them in their hour of need.  When they ask why we do it, I always respond – “Because of Jesus’ Love we reach out to our neighbors in that Love.  It’s not about the work it’s always about you!”

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