Love Where You Live-Spring 2019

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Custer Roads Helps at Love Where You Live!

Submitted by LWYL Mission Coordinator Dennis Allen

Over the last 6 1/2 years CRUMC has reached out to 40 homeowners who needed help getting their homes and yards up to City standards.  These homeowners found themselves in need of assistance due to low or fixed incomes and/or advanced age or a physical condition limiting what work they could for themselves.

This spring, working through the LWYL program of the City of Plano, Custer Road volunteers reached out to a single mom located in East Plano to provide the extra help she needed to get her home and property back in acceptable condition.  This not only helped her, but helped her neighborhood revitalize its outward conditions that add pride to the community.  This neighborhood is located near Meadows Elementary School where Custer Road supports the Head Start program.

Maria, a first time home owner, is a single mom with a daughter in high school and a son working a job and getting a college education locally.  She works hard to keep her family in a home environment and to succeed as they move out into the world.  Although she took possession of the home less than a year ago, it came with some major yard and fence issues.  She has not had the resources to complete these improvements.

Led by Bruce Fallis, our Project Manager, 21 volunteers provided their time and labor to help Maria make the improvements to the fence and yard required to bring her home back up to the standards she needed for her property.  This included removing a large dead tree, several smaller trees impacting the fence, replacing two sections of fence, adding a gate and cleaning up the flower beds and shrub areas in the front of the house.  We removed over 13 trailer loads of yard waste and trash.  In addition, a City of Plano truck with a claw removed the trunk wood and large limbs. At the end of the day, this teams’ work transformed the appearance of the home to one of the best on her street!  Maria joined in the work with the Custer Road team throughout our time with her.  She was very grateful for getting this issue behind her so she could focus her time on things she and her family could do to take care of the home.

As coordinator of this important mission for Custer Road, I have seen the presence of the Holy Spirit at work with our volunteers and the property owners, but nothing like what I witnessed on this Saturday morning.  We are always looking for examples of how the Spirit works through Christ followers and there was not a better example than the one we witnessed on this LWYL Work Day.  We are reminded that helping a neighbor is not about the work but all about the neighbor.

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