Palm Sunday Schedule for Mark Choir

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Hi Mark Choir!

This Sunday, March 20th, you all sing with Matthew choir at the 9:00 worship service. We will meet in B33 at 8:40 to warm up. You will NOT wear your shirts – just regular Sunday finery! It will be a little different because it is Palm Sunday, so please try to be downstairs at 8:40. We will warm up and then head upstairs to participate in the children’s sermon and procession of the palms during the first hymn. After the palms are done we will head out the south doors to line up for our song “Sing Glad Hosannas”. When you are done singing you can walk upstairs for Sunday School with Miss Melissa or go sit with your parents. It’s going to be a fun morning!

Then we will meet at 4:30 in the Sanctuary! Yes, you guessed it – more choreography and fruits of the spirit! Hope you are doing well with the first few songs and the choreography for them! Practice your choreography with your CD! The countdown is coming so be diligent in your remaining practices so you are ready to lead the younger kids in choreography and singing!

Annette Palm is signed up to help in the room! Thanks Annette!

We need to have a meeting for Sets, props and costumes. Let’s meet after the assembly in B23. Andrea White is the only one signed up to help. If you can help out and haven’t signed up please come to the meeting. We are going to need lots of hands.

We will also work on Incentives in B23 – Kristina Albrecht and Amy Duckworth are signed up to help with that! Thanks ladies!

See you Sunday morning! (Anyone else struggling with the time change still?! 🙁


Lynda Morrison
Children’s Music Ministry

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